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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 17:08

Community Support

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Greenbank RSL's record of Community Service by way of financial contribution is well documented and quite exceptional in that it reaches out to a diverse number of needy and worthwhile organisations. Whilst local community support will always be a priority, our charitable role has when deemed necessary, been extended to state and national causes also. It is important also to understand that we are an RSL Club whose primary charter is to oversea the welfare of our ex-service community as well as the needs of those who are currently serving. There are many Veterans and Service Associations who require our support as well as cadet units and issues such as medical research which all come under the RSL umbrella. Greenbank RSL over the past twenty years has successfully created a healthy balance between its RSL obligations and it's community expectations. The process at times can be quite challenging but more importantly it is most rewarding to be able to provide real and genuine assistance to those most in need.

From what was the most humbling beginnings, Greenbank RSL particularly in the new millennium has been able to contribute in excess of $5 million in cash donations to both RSL and community based organisations and charities. This figure of course does not allow for complimentary use of the Club's facilities to fundraise directly via our Members which would again amount to several million dollars. We provide a considerable amount of human resources to provide support for many and various worthy causes not to mention the many long-term sponsorships and scholarships. The grand total of all this has almost become immeasurable as there are now so many groups and organisations that utilise our premise to raise funds. These unselfish volunteers have always impressed as they give their own time to fundraise with little or no personal reward. Greenbank RSL simply provides the venue and location.

Absolutely none of the aforementioned initiatives would be even more remotely achievable were it not for the kindness and continued generosity of our Membership. The contributions and monies involved never cease to amaze and it is most defiantly our Members who deserve the accolades and congratulations to continue to drive and direct these most worthwhile programs that compliment our community. An important initiative introduced in the late nineties and also wholly Member-funded was to allocate a percentage of each individual membership subscription to a nominated charitable category. Clearly with 100,000 plus financial Members, this process has become of significant importance to our community profile. Board and Management at Greenbank RSL continue to explore new and different options as to how we best manage this important process as we take our community responsibilities most seriously. We deliberately avoided reference to any specific recipient of our funding purely on the basis that it was never intended to be the point of the excercise. Suffice to say that they are varied and numerous as are the needs and aspirations.

Thanking you for taking the time to read this comment on part of what we do here at Greenbank RSL and please continue to assist us in continuing to make a positive difference to the lives of deserving people.


Tim Wright
General Manager 



Greenbank RSL are pleased to announce our new Community Support Program which will commence in January 2016. Organisations or individuals can apply for one in a number of benefits offered by the club. These include the bi-annual Community Benefits Foundation Grants Fund, one-off donations and sponsorships. Another way we can help you raise funds is our sausage sizzles outside the club on Saturday nights or our Friday and Saturday Night Meat Tray Raffles.


the grants are now closed and we are look forward to launching our new grants program in the coming months

For more information on how to apply for a donation or grant, please read the attached "Community Support Program Information" sheet and the "Community Benefit Foundation Application" Form. GRANTS ARE NOW CLOSED AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO LAUNCHING OUR NEW GRANTS PROGRAM IN THE COMING MONTHS.

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